Cajun microwaves are not really microwaves at all. A Cajun microwave is an oven designed for outdoor cooking with the heat source on top. As such, they are referred to as "cold" smokers.

Cajun microwaves, naturally, originated in the Cajun country of the Atchafalaya Basin of South Louisiana. They are large, wooden boxes capable of cooking serious amounts of food. A Cajun microwave is a roasting box designed to cook large pieces of meat or other food items, such as: roast pig (cochon du lait), turkey, lamb, chicken, deer, beef and vegetables. A typical Cajun microwave is large enough to cook a complete roast pig as well as two turkeys and still have room for some vegetables. The box of the Cajun microwave has four legs with wheels so that it can be easily transported. There are handles protruding from either end of both the lid and the box of the unit so that it can be easily moved from one location to another.

Cajun microwaves are made from sturdy, solid cypress. The cypress is unpainted and untreated. The box is lined with sheet metal. They have a thick carbon steel tray lid that is recessed with 2 to 4" sides to support glowing hot coals. Believe it or not, the coals are placed on the TOP of the unit. The food inside rests on an iron grate as it cooks. To check on the food inside or to take it out when it is done, the entire lid is lifted off, hot coals and all, by two people using its integrated handles-two on each end.

A large Cajun microwave measures 4x2x2 and is capable of holding 100 pounds of meat. A midsize Cajun microwave is 3x2x2 and capable of holding 60 pounds of meat. A small Cajun microwave is 2x1.5x1.5 with a capacity of 35 pounds of meat.








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