The Magic Chef brand name dates back to 1929, when the American Stove Company produced the Magic Chef stove line. American Stove gained notoriety as the first manufacturer to produce an oven temperature control device. Magic Chef stoves were such a hit that American Stove eventually changed the name of its company to Magic Chef, Inc. in 1951. After a couple of mergers with other companies, Magic Chef was bought out by Maytag in 1986. Recently, in 2006, Maytag (and the Magic Chef brand name) were acquired by the Whirlpool Corporation. Today, the Magic Chef brand name is used on ovens, dishwashers, refrigerators, washing machines and microwave ovens. Magic Chef microwaves carry an astounding 8 year warranty!

There are currently only a few microwaves being produced with the Magic Chef name. Stainless steel countertop models are available in 1.1 and 1.3 cubic foot sizes. A 1.5 cubic foot over-the range oven is also made under the Magic Chef name.

The 1.1 cubic foot countertop model is very economical. It has digital controls and cranks out 1,000 watts of power. This model features Magic Chef's Concave Reflex System (CRS) for better cooking results. A turntable is included.

The 1.3 cubic foot Magic Chef microwave is a completely stainless steel model. It has an impressive, modern look. It features the Concave Reflex System (CRS) that allows the microwave to analyze both the position and density of the food to cook it faster and more efficiently than ordinary microwaves. CRS cooks food evenly and quickly by emitting microwaves to all sides of the food. This model has 10 power settings and 3 auto defrosting menus, as well as one touch cooking buttons.

Magic Chef also makes a 1.5 cubic foot over-the-range model. This unit has a two-speed exhaust system to quickly remove cooking smells and grill exhaust from the kitchen area. It has electronic touch pad controls and a digital display. It features 10 power settings as well as auto-defrost timing. It is available in white, stainless steel, bisque and black.








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