The Maytag Company was founded in Iowa in the late 1800s as a farm equipment manufacturer. By the 1920s, Maytag was one of the leading producers of washing machines. By 1927, Maytag had produced more than one million washing machines. Following World War II, Maytag began producing other household appliances like refrigerators. In 1986, Maytag acquired Magic Chef and began offering a full line of home appliances. Other brand names owned by Maytag are Admiral, Amana, Hoover vacuums, Jade and Jenn-Air. In 2006, Whirlpool Corp. acquired Maytag Corp. and integrated the two giant appliance companies.

Quite possibly due to the integration with Whirlpool, there are only a handful of Maytag microwave ovens in production at this time. Currently, only four models of microwaves carry the Maytag name. This, of course, is offset by the many different models produced under the Whirlpool, Magic Chef and Amana brand names also now owned by Whirlpool. The current Maytag models are all over-the-range units in the mid to large category size.

The smallest of the Maytag over-the-range microwave ovens is their 1.5 cubic foot model. This unit has 1,000 watts of power and 10 separate power levels. It has auto cook options to make cooking common items like popcorn, pizza, baked potatoes, vegetables and frozen dinners easy. An automatic reheat function makes reheating leftovers quick and easy.

The 1.6 cubic foot Maytag microwave also has 1,000 watts of power and 10 power levels. It has Maytag's WideGlide tray that moves back and forth for evenly cooked food. Eight instant touch pads provide one-touch operation. A scrolling multi-function VFD Display makes the display easy to read.

Maytag produces two 2.0 cubic foot over-the-range models. One has 1,100 watts and the other 1,150. One has a 5-speed exhaust and the other a 2-speed exhaust. The more deluxe model has Sensor Cook and the WideGlide Tray. Both models are available in white, black, bisque and stainless steel.








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