The Samsung Group is a Korean conglomerate composed of several different businesses, including Samsung Electronics. Samsung means "three stars" or "tristar" in Korean. Samsung was founded in the mid-1950s. Samsung is a world leader in the production of consumer electronics, including microwave ovens. Samsung manufactures both countertop and over-the-range microwave models.

Samsung's countertop microwaves range in size from a space-saving 0.7 cubic feet on up to a mid-size 1.3 cubic feet. Cooking power in these models runs from a low of 850 watts up to a high of 1300 watts. Almost all Samsung countertop models are combination convection ovens. Samsung's countertop microwaves come in a wide array of stylish designs including models with unique round and oval-shaped windows that will compliment any kitchen. They are available with white and stainless steel finishes.

Samsung microwaves feature an advanced Sensor Technology that uses a special semi-conductor to offer greater flexibility as compared with conventional humidity-based sensors. Sensor Technology cooks foods such as bread, pizza and frozen items evenly and thoroughly.

Samsung makes two 1.5 cubic foot over-the-range models and seven different models of 1.7 cubic foot models. Samsung's over-the-range microwave ovens have powerful ventilation in the form of Samsung's proprietary Turbo Vent Technology. A typical hood fan of a conventional over-the-range microwave ventilates at 300 cubic feet per minute. Turbo Vent Technology is capable of ventilating at 400 cubic feet per minute. This feature quickly eliminates vapors, steam and odors caused by cooking from the kitchen. The Turbo Vent operates at a noise level similar to a conventional over-the-range fan. All over-the-range models come standard with a rotating turntable. These models range in power from 1,000 watts up to 1,100 watts.

Samsung over-the-range microwaves have 10 power levels. They make cooking easy with Samsung's Sensor Cook technology. These units are available with white, black, bisque and stainless steel finishes.








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