The Sharp Corporation dates back to early 20th Century Japan. Sharp originated as a manufacturer of the first mechanical pencil. In the 1920s, Sharp moved into the electronics business, designing the first Japanese radios. In the 1950s, Sharp manufactured the first televisions in Japan. Other innovative Sharp technology includes the first LCD calculator and the first commercial camera phone. Today, Sharp manufactures mobile phones, televisions, computers, projectors, photocopiers, microwave ovens, cash registers and flash memory.

Sharp manufactures a full line of microwave and convection ovens. Sharp makes a high speed oven that is the latest in speed cooking. This model cooks foods faster and assures that they retain their natural juices and flavors. Foods baked using the high speed oven are evenly browned and crisp with a professional appearance. Sharp's high speed oven cooks food over 5 times faster than a conventional oven.

Sharp's specialty toaster oven/microwave combo is two appliances in one. It combines versatility and convenience to produce an oven that toasts, bakes, grills and microwaves with automatic settings. This unit has five different pre-programmed toaster settings for common types of food. Each setting has five different toasting options. This unit has six variable power levels and ten automatic cooking programs.

Sharp's over-the-counter microwave ovens require no ventilation and can be mounted anywhere in the kitchen. It is a 1.5 cubic foot unit with a unique control panel located along the bottom edge of the oven at eye level when it is mounted at cabinet level.

Sharp offers a full line of over the range model microwaves that are wonderful space savers. These models are available in stainless steel, black and white. They range in size from 1.1 cubic feet up to 2.1 cubic feet, with several sizes in between.

A full size line of microwaves is intended for use by large families. These Sharp models have a large capacity, an oversized turntable and feature high-speed performance. They are 2.0 cubic feet in size and available in black, white and stainless steel. Sharp also offers a Family Size line of microwaves, available in 1.4, 1.5 and 1.6 cubic feet.

Smaller microwaves are also available from Sharp. The Mid Size models are 1.0 and 1.2 cubic feet. Compact Sharp microwaves are available in a 0.8 cubic foot size in black, white and stainless steel.








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